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Distinction, Quality, Customer satisfaction, and excellence are the qualities that define SARTOLUX. With over 20 years of experience in luxury garment production and over 400 committed and skilled personnel involved, we are confident our garments are truly exceptional. Undoubtedly, SARTOLUX provides you with the essentials to build a solid and successful clothing brand. However, unlike other brands, only SARTOLUX can also offer such excellence AND meet the challenge of delivery time constraints in today’s fast paced society. In as little as 3 days, SARTOLUX can have your custom made garments made and delivered. Made to measure fine Italian suits with hand sewn features, truly one of a kind denim with eco friendly washes and custom-made distressing, and casual wear that embodies comfort and flawless fit…these are but a few of the facets that prove the effervescence of all SARTOLUX has to offer. All of this luxury made to measure clothing is made easily accessible through the technology and customer service we provide to you. We make your brand shine with innumerable clothing options to offer your clients, while other brands will inevitably dull in comparison.


How it Works

Each remarkable brand stands on the front lines of success in our network of providing luxury made to measure garments to consumers because we empower and supply each brand with everything they need to succeed. With a wide array of fabric swatches from world renowned fabric suppliers and garments made uniquely to each customer’s needs, drawing in and keeping clients becomes simple.

We offer not only top quality garments, but also a web-based platform to manage each brand’s business, customers and orders. Clients’ measurements and orders are inserted into the system; patterning is generated and reviewed by experts. Following this, fabrics are prepared and garments are made according to your customer’s measurements and unique preferences. During the production of each garment, strict quality control is implemented.

Lastly, garments are delivered according to the speed chosen by the client. Depending on each brand’s preference, we can ship orders flat packed or by means of a ready to deliver garment. Shipments are sent out daily. Because orders are delivered faster, brands in turn, get paid faster as well.

Throughout the whole process, unparalleled customer service to help with problem solving is readily available. Because we are located in the Central Standard Time zone, our work schedule allows us to be more easily accessible. Our customer service and garment production occur in the same facility. This allows us to answer questions immediately about garment production and status.

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